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For complete details about how to become a loan agent, see our home page about How To Become A Loan Broker.

Loan Agent

What Is A Loan Agent?

A loan agent is an individual who assists clients in the many facets of obtaining a loan, such as finding people or companies who are willing to lend money to the client, completing a mandatory loan application, and all additional paperwork that is necessary to fulfill the loan application.

What Is The Purpose Of A Loan Agent?

The purpose of a loan agent is to facilitate the acquisition of a loan or loans by collecting information from both the client and the business that the client wants to purchase so that an informed decision can be made regarding the quality of the loan and the likelihood of repaying the loan. Many persons find that a loan is the only way that they can afford a car, house, college education, etc. Similarly, loans are usually essential to start a business in addition to purchasing inventory and/or invest in the necessary equipment. A loan agent will search for and locate clients and help them in completing the loan application process.

What Are The Benefits Of Being A Loan Agent?

As a loan agent, you can earn a high six-figure income. There are many benefits to becoming a loan agent such as being able to work from your home or office, there is no selling involved, there is no previous experience necessary, there are no employees, no special equipment needed, no office rent, and no inventory is required.

Are There Any More Benefits To Being A Loan Agent ?

Yes! If you work from home, you can deduct a percentage of your rent, utilities, telephone, car, travel, driving expenses and more as a business expense. In addition, you can also deduct our high income loan broker business program as a business expense!

What About My Fees As A Loan Agent ?

While other similar program take up to 50% of your fees/commissions, with our high-income loan broker business program you keep 100% of your fees/commissions!

How Much Can I Earn As A Loan Agent ?

You can earn $75,000 part-time, or $175,000 full-time, potential annually as a loan agent. This is a no-risk business opportunity with unlimited growth potential.

How Can I Become A Loan Agent?

Our loan broker program contains easy-to-follow instruction manuals that will enable you to get started as a loan agent in about 10 days.

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High-Income Loan Broker Program

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Income Tax Deductable as a Business Expense

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